Paris Auto & Big Country: Cruising Big Rapids

In Big Rapids, Michigan, a unique blend of passions brings our community together: our shared love for cars and good music. At the heart of this intersection is Paris Auto Sales, where these passions play out daily, complemented by Big Country 100.9 tunes.


Daily Vibes at Paris Auto Sales

 Every morning, as the doors to our store open, the familiar sounds of 100.9 greet our early visitors. The station sets a comfortable backdrop for our day, from catchy morning tunes to Mornings with Etch discussing local events.

 The radio isn't just noise in the background; it's the beat we work to daily. Our customers often comment on the laid-back atmosphere the music creates. It's as if the familiarity of the songs, mixed with the thrill of shopping for a new car, brings a sense of home to the community.