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Meet the Staff of Paris Auto Sales

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Scott DeVries - Automotive Sales Professional

231-796-7355 - sdparisauto@gmail.com

Meet Automotive Sales Professional Scott DeVries.

Scott was born and raised in Big Rapids, Michigan. He is a loving father of three boys and one daughter. Scott's passion for customer service was developed

by spending 30 years in the restaurant business, 20 years of which he spent in Tampa, Florida, as Director of Business for Bob Evans. Scott likes car sales

because he is learning a new industry; his passion in car sales is helping folks get into vehicles and seeing how happy they are. Scott's philosophy is to seek

to listen to be understood and find a balance between wants and needs and financial obligation. Scott's process is smooth and easy when you walk into

Scott's office wants you to feel at home. Scott believes in complete transparency and making the customer feel special. Scott's most incredible ability is empathizing with a customer's situation and finding a solution. Scott DeVries is- Your family car guy.

Scotts Facebook is facebook.com/scott.devries.129

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Boyd Brower - Automotive Sales Professional

231-796-7355 - browerboyd@gmail.com

Meet our Automotive Sales Professional Boyd Brower

Boyd was born and raised in Reed City, Michigan, and has served the local community in business for 25 years.

Boyd is an expert in the automotive industry. Boyd enjoys dealing one-on-one with people and watching how happy they are

when they get their vehicles. Boyd is a loving father of three, and his philosophy is simple; he puts himself in the customer's

position and treats a customer how he would want to be treated. Boyd's favorite part of the car business is helping first time

get into a car they want and seeing the joy on their face.

Boyd Brower is- Your car guy at Paris Auto Sales, Big Rapids, MI.

Boyd's Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/boyd.brower.31

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Josh Boglarsky - GSM

231-796-7355 - jbparisauto@gmail.com

Meet Automotive Business Professional Josh Boglarsky.

Josh was born in raised in Reed City, Michigan. To Josh, his family is everything! Josh and his amazingly supportive wife, Dana, met in late 2003 and have been married since 2010.

He and his wife has two amazing twin daughters that they welcomed in 2014. Josh started his customer service and sales career with Menards. There he ran a very successful contractor

sales department for just shy of 10 years. Josh entered the car business in 2014, working as the General Sales Manager with a local Chrysler Dealer till 2018. In the summer of 2018, he

was hired at Paris Auto Sales as the General Manager. Soon after would take over the front to complete his vision.

Josh got into car sales, and after years of buying cars, he realized how dishonest car dealerships could be. He wants to change the used car salesman stigma, and wants to bring an upfront,

honest approach to the industry. Josh is a pioneer in new ideas and thinking. Josh's philosophy is to show value to the customer with an empathetic approach making the customer feel special and heard.

Josh has the unique ability to be a problem solver. To Josh, it's not about monetary value. It's about building a solid foundation through trust and honesty to supply customers for life.

Josh Boglarsky is- The name you can trust.

His Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/josh.boglarsky

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